Lunar New Year Festival

We were responsible for the communication and the identity of the Lunar New Year Festivals organized by the Subjective Values Foundation in 2013 and 2014.

Foundation of Subjective Values

The real challenge in the promotional campaign of the event was to achieve as many people from the target group as possible from minimal budget in order to make them participate in the event. Beside the traditional advertising channels we used social media tools: Facebook page, website, blogging and tweets to activate the target group. In addition, we placed particular emphasis to the active cooperation with journalists, as well as identifying and informing stakeholders.

Our efforts were resulting in more than 10,000 visitors in both years. Our social media ads reached hundred thousands, our post ten thousands and our blog page was listed between the’s headlines many times.

The Ustream broadcasted the gala live that was followed by 25.000 internet users around the world. Thanks to the coverage millions could be able to be with us at the Millenáris.